Sebastian Mysakowski portrait

I’m Sebastian Mysakowski. I live in Poland, where I design the future.

AWS Cloud Practitioner CertificateITIL v4 Practitioner CertificateMicrosoft Fundamentals AZ-900 CertificateMSP Foundation CertificateProfessional Scrum Master II Certificate

I've loved making things for as long as I can remember, and I disassembled and assembled computers when I was a few years.

The only thing I loved more than assembling computers as a kid was computer games. Since setting up the internet at home I played on Electronic Sports League, that's why I dreamed about programming games

Over the next teenage years, I studied at the Faculty of Law at UMCS and then Computer Science at WSEI, where I gained extensive technical and soft experience.

I am pleased to work as a Senior Software Engineer for Sii, a Poland-based Software House where we build top-notch FinTech solutions.

Moreover, I am currently working as a Tech Leader (part-time) at Aida Diagnostics - a company founded out of vision and dedication - to help provide blood always when it’s needed.

I am also honoured to be a lecturer at one of the most valued universities in Poland, where I can share knowledge about JavaScript, React and React Native.

During my professional career, I successfully took part – as a team leader – in developing web and mobile applications for numerous sectors, including FMCG, EdTech, FinTech, and Medical.