Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I've worked on a variety of projects over the years. The following initiatives are a summary of my experience and collected thoughts.

  • Logo for Junior IT Masterclazz

    I recorded a video course for one of Poland's giant IT job boards. I focused on the Rest API topic using Nest.js and React.js.

  • Logo for HR in IT

    Almost six hundred pages about HR in IT. I also added a few words from my perspective about the programmer's career path from the beginning till the senior position.

  • Logo for React Native. Video course. Become a mobile application developer

    I was invited to record a video course for one of the biggest Publishing houses in Poland, so I recorded a course about React Native :)

  • Logo for Devspresso Podcast

    When covid started We decided with a group of colleagues that it is maybe time for a new format. This is how Devspresso was born to share news about JavaScript news.