I've spoken at events all around Poland and have been recording podcasts.

One of my favourite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love podcasts because they give me the opportunity to share knowledge about technology.

Conferences & Meetups

[EN] Build Better Websites - Is Remix the next-gen React framework you should use?


React ‘use’ hook RFC, JS No.1 - again Lerna is Back! - again, Jotai 1.8.6, Node 19 & 18 LTS, Software Applications Accessibility Act Bill

pnpm 7.13.5, Bun 0.2.0, Storybook 7.0, JetBrains Fleet, Fontaine, State of CSS

Axios 1.0 i wpadka, Create Nuxt App 5.0, 10 lat TS, Cloudflare i darmowa CAPTCHA, git 2.38.0

useEvent RFC zamknięty, Node v18.10.0 (Current), React Docs Beta, RN (Expo) RFC - File-based routing, Raycast, czy Spotlight? Google Stadia is out - 01.2023

Google Cloud Next 2022, Chrome 106 - DevTools, Chrome i Edge podsłuchują!, NPM + auth for all commands, Ember.js + TS preview, React Responsive, Tesseract js 3.0, Amplication 1.0


A Full Guide how to hire a Front-end Developer

A Full Guide how to hire a Front-end Developer

React Native - From Zero to Hero

React Hooks